Gardens For The Five Senses

We aim to create living gardens that fit in every way: fit their owners' lifestyle and interiors, the space and neighborhood, and as much as possible, minimize the needs for maintenance by carefully choosing the right plants, and the right materials. We think about the path of rain water, about the lifespan of wood and stone outdoors, and about the flow of people inside the space, so the client doesn’t have to.The goal is not to fight nature, but to work alongside it, to harness the passage of time and embrace seasonal changes. A job well-done shouldn't give away the creator, and we don't mean to have a signature style; the perfect garden feels just right, and the best compliment should come from friends or family visiting and saying they can't remember how it was before, because it is now as it was meant to be.

Edible Petals has a core crew, who with the regular assistance of a network of vetted craftspeople and professionals, from arborists to electricians or plumbers, have designed and installed dozens of backyards, front yards, terraces, and roof decks all over Brooklyn and Manhattan. From bluestone terraces to irrigation systems, fences, planters, or custom furniture, we can take a space from jungle to urban haven in mere weeks.

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