We can install new or old bluestone pavers, to create a patio, a path or raised beds. We love to work with what we find in your backyard, old bricks, original bluestones, or boulders, and add on modern materials to bridge the gap between authenticity and function.


We build unique fences, designed to suit your space and the orientation of your garden, letting in the light and air, and giving you visual privacy. We can build secret gates between neighbors, passages for children to play, and hide-aways for backyard adventures.  

Garden Planning:

We can design the front and back yards, terraces, and even rooftops in collaboration with your architect or general contractor, to optimize your construction budget and make your house garden-ready for your move.


We can help you select planters, mixing store-bought and custom cedar boxes to install a full and lush container garden, or build street-tough planters suitable for restaurants or schools.



We build custom wooden tool & garbage sheds to suit, in a size and style to match your house and needs.